We cannot talk about modernity without the field of Fashion and cloth making coming into sharp focus. Fashion plays a very critical role in defining modernity and the various facets attributed to it; the way an individual dresses can define his/her social class, age, religion, culture and even morality. Fashion has evolved from cultural functional clothing of our ancestors to urban styles that incorporate individual tastes and style prejudices.

We have a vibrant team of creative staff who steer our students to perfect on fashion trends, sketch designs, selection of colors, fabrics and styles, and create prototypes. Choosing a career in fashion design has various merits which include but are not limited to self-employment,  the salary range and the freedom to create cutting-edge designs. Fashion designing also provides opportunities for travel and exposure to fashion trends and ideas.

The success of an entrepreneur in fashion and design is heavily depended on creativity and the courage to implement the creative imaginations into trending designs.


Course outline

Module I

Information Communication Technology



Textile Material Knowledge

Art and Design

Pattern Drafting and Grading I

Workshop Organization and Management

Fabric Coloration –Tie & Dye

Fabric Printing

Communication Skills

ICT Practical

General Information

Fashion Design and Sketching

 Module II

Pattern Drafting & Grading II

Garment Cutting

Garment Making Practical for Women

Garment Making Practical for Men


Fabric Coloration-Batik

Trade Project


Course Duration: 12 months

Exam Body: KNEC

Grade: D and above


Course outline

Module I

Textile Science I

Art & Design

Pattern Construction I

Clothing Construction I

Cutting Technology I


Physical Science

Pattern Construction Practical

Cloth Construction Practical

Information Communication Technology

Life Skills

Communication Skills

Entrepreneurship- Business Plan

Module II

Industrial Organization Management I

Clothing Construction II

Pattern Grading Techniques I

Quality Control I

Research Methodology

Cutting Technology II

Clothing Construction II Practical

Pattern Construction II Practical

Grading Techniques I Practical

Module III

Industrial Organization Management II

Clothing Construction III Theory

Fashion Marketing

Pattern Construction III Practical


Pattern Grading Techniques II

Pattern Construction III

Quality Control II


Course Duration: 24 months

Exam Body: KNEC

Grade: C- and above