This curriculum has been developed for trainees wishing to graduate as Journalism and

mass media professionals. It is also the entry requirement for those wishing to proceed

to university for further studies on the same.

The objective of this course is to develop in the student the practical skills, theoretical

Knowledge and professional attitudes necessary for success in the Journalism and Mass media profession. The goal of this course is to qualify and equip the student to conform

to the various educational and professional qualifications as required.

The course is a combination of theoretical and practical instruction. Students are

expected to develop and practice the said skills, under the supervision of licensed

Instructors, in actual working conditions.


Course Outline

Introduction to Mass Communication

Introduction to PR and Customer Service

News Writing & Reporting

Electronic Media

Introduction to Computer Applications

Media Law and Ethics



Course Duration: 9 Months

Exam Body: JP-UK

Grade: D+ and Below